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We empower and support transitioning Military Veterans

We are dedicated to being the premier destination for your post-service journey

Words From Our Graduates

Our Vision

Empowered, Embraced and Equipped

Our vision is to create a society where transitioning Military Veterans are empowered, embraced, and equipped with the necessary resources and support to succeed in their civilian lives. We strive to create a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates the skills and experiences Veterans bring, making our region a model for seamless transitions, and ultimately inspiring other regions to adopt similar initiatives.

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Mission to Empower Veterans

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Our Values

We are focused on Belonging, Empowerment and Accountability

Military Veterans have earned a welcoming and inclusive environment. We empower transitioning Military Veterans with the tools and opportunities
they need to thrive. We create a network of Military Veterans at all phases of the post-service journey, and we ensure they have the resources they need. 

Graduate Support Domains

Empowering Graduates: Upskilling, Emotionally Supporting, Lifelong Learning

Prioritizing graduate success and fostering lifelong learning via strategic partnerships within the  Veterans Future Foundation.

Career Performance

Upskilling our Graduates for Career Performance and Career Growth.


Holding space for our Graduates to emote in healthy and productive ways and continuing to support their social and emotional growth (emotional honesty, vulnerability, and healthy communication skills).

Continued Education

Engaging opportunities for continued education within VFF and strategic partnerships to advance the pursuit of lifelong learning.

An Organization You Can Trust

We partner with America’s Leading Health & Wellness Community for Veterans. 

Graduate Support Functions

Our Graduate Support Functions ensure our veterans have the support they need, through a variety of channels. 

01: TRAIN Series (Monthly)

In partnership with UHP, monthly speakers will engage our Graduates through the TRAIN pillar according to best practices, newest research, and, most importantly, appropriate application within the field.

02: VFF Series (Monthly)

In partnership with thought leaders from around the country, the monthly VFF series engages topics ranging from mental health to entrepreneurship and everything in-between.

03: Group Series (Weekly)

Designed to keep our Graduates accountable to their individual plan for growth and accountable to their fellow graduates to support one another.

04: 1:1 Graduate Support

The intent of the 1:1 coaching calls is to provide additional support to graduates as needed. These calls are available only to our Graduates. *These are not intended to replace any current clinical interventions.

05: Strategic Partnerships

Leading opportunities for Graduates to engage with industry leaders across all the UHP Pillars of THINK, TRAIN, FEEL, & LEAD.

Business strategy partnership and teamwork concept.

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